Naples raids net 88 gangsters

Italian police have arrested 88 people in a series of raids targeting the Naples mafia, the Camorra.

Among those arrested was Gemma Donnarumma, the wife of Valentino Gionta, a suspected Camorra clan chief who is already behind bars.

Police also seized property, bank accounts and shares worth $100m (£64m).

Prosecutors accuse the Gionta clan of murder, extortion, drug trafficking and other crimes. It is active in the town of Torre Annunziata, south of Naples.

Prosecutors say Mrs Donnarumma ran the clan after her husband was convicted and sentenced to life for murder.

Late last month, police rounded up another 30 suspected Camorra mobsters from the Casalesi clan, in what Italy’s interior minister has called a “war” with the mafia.

Interior Minister Roberto Maroni called the September raid “the state’s first big response” and vowed that the “war against the Camorra will continue until it is won”.

The arrests are part of what is said to be one of the biggest operations against organised crime syndicates in Italy in a decade.

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