Mafia ‘family tree’

Don / Boss
Interchangeable terminology for the leader of a family. All major decisions are made by the boss and money made by the family ultimately flows to him.

Second in command. Often makes decisions without involving the boss.

Lieutenant, leading his own section of the family. Capos often have territories or are in charge of different rackets. A capo keeps some of the money earned by his racket; the rest gets passed up to the underboss and boss. Capos have armies of “soldiers” working for them.

The lowest rank among family members. They’re part of the family, but they make very little money and do most of the dirty work.

Not an actual member of the Mafia, but works with the mob. Typical associates are burglars, drug dealers, lawyers, investment bankers, police officers and politicians.

An adviser to the family, but not a member of the family’s hierarchy. Consiglieres are supposed to make impartial decisions based on fairness rather than personal feelings or vendettas. However, in reality, many consiglieres aren’t impartial.

Mafia ‘family tree’ – Star-Gazette – November 11, 2007 –